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Michael has alone time with the girls, Donna pulls out a sketchbook, I am sure a producer bought at the Office Depot sale.

For what it is worth, the sketch was really good, but since when has artwork got anyone a rose ever?

The elimination concluded, Erica Rose is safe, while David is in "save face mode." Outside there is a twinfit going on, poor Rachel was trying to get them to reconcile.

I'm with Jaclyn, "I don't know who is who." If the challenge was not bad enough there are leotards for the women and men.

Thankfully, the Mayans were wrong and we’re all still here to review the year and look forward to a 2013 filed with wine and bitchiness. Favorite Reality Star of the Year: We all know this is Rachel’s pick seeing as how she hasn’t stopped gushing about her new reality BFF, Reza. First, it’s not easy to be openly gay in general, let alone in the Persian community, so for Reza to step out in front of the cameras as a role model for gay teens who are struggling is brave. The pearls that come out of his mouth have us laughing week after week. It’s just all part of the awesomeness that makes Reza our favorite reality star of the year.

WORST Person in the World (of Reality): Let’s be honest, the weird lip pursing would be enough to make Courtney Robertson unlikeable on its own. No, she had to add bitchiness, arrogance and baby talk to the menu as well so that every time her face popped up on our TVs, a collective groan was uttered and more wine was poured.

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I never imagined she’d ever be in a place where she’d take her own life at age 29, as reports have suggested.

After he told her he loved her, Bachelor Ben Higgins dumped Dallas Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher in one of the most surprising Bachelor endings of all time.

Jojo gets her second chance to find love this season on The Bachelorette.

The Reality of 2012 According To Two Winey Bitches Once again, we can’t let 2012 sneak off in a walk of (reality) shame without our usual shout-outs to those that made our year worthy and cringe-worthy.

2012 was a great year for the blog and we hope you’ve enjoyed our take on reality. You have to love a guy who’s not afraid to rock a Village People “Macho Man” mustache.

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