Who is kate gosselin dating

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She had previously been working as a case manager at The Reading Hospital and Medical Center. According to , the two moved in together very soon after they began dating.

Jolie said she had developed Bell’s Palsy, in addition to hypertension, last year.

But within the next half decade, all of her children will be graduating high school and contemplating next steps, including college.

On May 10, Kate’s sextuplets — Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Leah and Joel — turned 13, which was a monumental day for the mother of eight.“It’s the day I have feared since they were born,” she said in a recent Kate Plus 8 promo.“To think that when the little » - Natalie Stone From concert tour cancellations and car accidents, to the revelation of a neurological diagnosis, here’s the intel on everything you missed from Hollywood’s hottest stars this week.

It is unclear if the kids were living with her and Gosselin, but it is presumed so.

At the time of the Since his split from Kate, Jon has gone public with a few women.

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