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"I've been with her now for a while so it just feels right," he added."I'm happy to say she's my wife."And we're predicting it won't be long till we hear the pitter patter of little feet - Evan also said that he "would love to [have kids].

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The legendary singer said of the wedding, which took place at her Connecticut home: "We had a beautiful rainbow surrounding us, loving family and friends, great music, great speeches from caring friends, and joyful children dancing the night away."She added: "I thank everyone who supported us on the spectacular day and our neighbours who were kind enough to let us have fun.He recently underwent prostate surgery, and is now in recovery.According to the outlet, Joe is already back at work– he’s heading to Japan to shoot the cover for Nation-Alist magazine next week.“I was never even supposed to be on reality TV, it just so happens that I dated two girls that happened to be on shows,” Ryan explained, adding that his music takes priority these days.“If my next girlfriend happens to be on a reality show and she asks me to be on it, I’m gonna be like ‘no! And despite the fact Ashlee married Evan Ross last year, the exes are on good terms, with Ryan admitting he attended the wedding.

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