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In developed countries when the condition diagnosed it usually results in hormone therapy a nd surgery (sometimes called "gender reassignment", though it's actually less a reassignment than a correction).Anyway, from what I've read, most human hermaphrodites do not have two sets of external genitalia, and most are sterile.The interplay of sex-determining genes is such that if even if you have both types of equiptment at least one of them doesn't work (is sterile). Although extremely, extremely, extremely rare, it is possible for a chimeric human to be composed of both a male and female zygote and therefore, to be born with one functional teste and a functional ovary. These are not spoilers (you learn them in the first chapter of the book): The main character, Kalliope, is born a girl by all appearances and is raised as one for the first 15 years of her life.

The vast majority of people who are born with this condition (and there are far more than you might think- according to one article I read about 1 birth in 15,000 is sexually ambiguous) go undiagnosed and because their reproductive organs are incorrectly formed they are almost always sterile (though hermaphroditism does run in families).

The nymph Salmacis having fallen desperately in love with a young , and not being able to awaken him, prayed to the gods to make their two bodies into one; Salmacis got her wish, but the gods left traces of both sexes on the new being.

Nevertheless, this prodigal of nature, who united the two sexes in the same being, was not favorably welcomed by all, if we believe the account of Alexander ab Alexandro, who says that the people who bore the sexes of both man and woman, or to use a single word, the ?

“Identification of an ancestral male population that the modified hermaphrodite Y evolved from will allow us to track down the mutation that caused the male-to-hermaphrodite sex reversal,” he said.

The researchers sequenced and compared the “male-specific” and “hermaphrodite-specific” regions of the Y and Y sex chromosomes, respectively, in 24 wild male papaya and 12 cultivated hermaphrodite plants.

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