Updating house

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And once the roses are gone, the greens last longer and add life and interest to the bar tray.Really, it’s super easy to create a cohesive looking bar tray with just these steps.With that as my starting point, I wanted everything else to be more neutral and blend in with the art so stuck to white and clear bottles/glassware.

I was inspired to use whites and pinks by the new piece of art I got for the space (from The Citizenry – which is one of my favorite art pieces ever! I really love the muted pink/peach tones in the print and thought some copper mugs and bottles of rosé would go perfectly.The floor plan of a Victorian house can seem cluttered and convoluted.Instead of open spaces, you may find a series of small rooms connected by a maze of hallways and doors. Although indoor plumbing was available at the turn of the century, the bathrooms (called water closets in Victorian days) were usually cramped by today's standards.Linear architectural plan and layout for a Victorian townhouse, c. Modern families are likely to find this Victorian floor plan impractical.Photo by Buyenlarge/Archive Photos/Getty Images (cropped) Old-house remodelers are often tempted to remove walls and enlarge small Victorian rooms. Many interior walls in older homes are load-bearing.

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