Updating a stone fireplace

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Alan and North Star Stone was a great choice for our fireplace refinish.

We were very happy with the process, scheduling, timing, and ultimately how the fireplace turned out.

I'm thrilled to be back with you today sharing my DIY Stone Fireplace Update! There were three parts to this fireplace refresh: the painted stone, the mantle, and the painted brick.

When we moved into our home almost two years ago, our living room had damaged hardwood floors with carpet overtop, dated wood panelling, and a tan stone fireplace. We refinished the floors and painted in a hurry, then made do with the fireplace. all the time, but we weren't about to rip it out to reface it. Each comes with it's own challenges (but once you have it figured, you're golden! If you have the right products, it will be easy to give your fire place a fresh look with a bit of elbow grease (believe me, painting stone is an elbow grease kind of job).

Stone veneers, sometimes called Faux Stone, Decorator Stone, or Manufactured Stone are perfect for that stone fireplace you are dreaming of.

These stone veneers are light-weight and don’t need any additional structural support.

I've compiled the 25 best DIY fireplaces I've seen!

Take a look, pick your favorite, and don't settle for that ugly, old fireplace!

Colleen here from Lemon Thistle, home to DIY, home decor, printables, and parties. We are totally in love with our new fireplace and how well it compliments the rest of the updates we have made in our house.

I am so excited to finally share my big fireplace makeover.

It has been half-done for a while now, but today I finally finished it and took some quick photos.

It isn’t high-end, big, or trendy – just a house that has all the components to fit with my personal style. If you can ice a cupcake and cut a French baguette in half with a bread knife then you have all the skills you need to create a stone façade just about anywhere in your home.

The DIY project I completed for this post is getting that “house in my head” a little closer to reality. I gathered all the pamphlets to read when I got home.

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