Taylor momsen dating band member

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If someone takes a picture of me smoking, they call me a bad role model. I’m not here to be your entertainment – the music is.

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CG: As a songwriter, what's your favorite song on the record? So we are all very nice and cordial, but we work together. I have my life outside of that so it wasn't really a reaction or anything. I'm very serious about what I do and I'm very private. What are things you need to have on the tour bus at all times? Constantly stocked up on because you know you spend a ton of time traveling.

"Hey good morning little sis" my older sister Taylor greets me with a smile. All her friends and the rest of our family even agree with me, but Taylor doesn't see how talented she really is. "Your just saying that because when you were in school everybody freaking loved you" I reply before letting out a sigh. Anyways, I'll see you when school is over alright? All I do is nod my head yes before jumping off the vehicle, and making my way inside the school building.

Not even a full two minutes pass when a group of girls give me dirty looks.

magazine, she says, “I don”t live my personal life publicly.

Their new album may be called “Going to Hell”, but Taylor says anyone who thinks it has a basis in religion isn’t listening. It’s not what I’m saying at all, so it gets a little daunting when people take it so…

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