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The defendant, who will serve his sentence in a young offenders institute, denied wrongdoing, saying that he only talked to Mr Thomas about getting the components for a bomb as an 'experiment' in radicalisation.

Kazi Islam, then 17, pressured and cajoled 19-year-old Harry Thomas to buy the ingredients for a pipe bomb and to attack one or more British soldiers with a kitchen knife or meat cleaver on his command.

Kapolda Metro Jaya Irjen Mochammad Iriawan menerangkan, apa yang mereka usut itu tidak mengada-ada. Nanti ada langkah polisi seperti kasus Ariel, kan ada suaranya. Selain itu mereka juga telah menyita banyak barang bukti seperti seprai, guling, televisi dan sejumlah barang yang ada di kamar Firza.

Pasalnya kata dia, kasus chat sex ini juga didapati rekaman suara percakapan Firza dengan orang yang diduga istri Habib Rizieq, Syarifah Fadlun dan Kak Emma selaku istri dari Habib Mucshin Alattas. Selain itu kan ada 16 lekuk tubuh yang tidak bisa dipungkiri dengan tubuh Firza dalam kasus ini. Selanjutnya hakim yang akan menilai apa itu Firza atau bukan," papar dia.

During the same period Islam also sought to radicalise at least three other young people and told one friend he was planning to leave Britain for Syria, asking another 'would you suicide bomb yourself? 'Judge Marks QC said: 'Of course the holding of radicalised views is not in itself a criminal offence, but the jury clearly took the view your involvement in this area went substantially further than that', said the judge.'It's also right to observe that the pre-sentence report in your case does not make very happy reading, and it's clear from that you have shown neither remorse or insight into the seriousness of that which you were involved.''You befriended him and then you, over a period of three to four months, were in frequent contact with him, in the course of which you persistently instructed and encouraged him to purchase items needed to make an explosive device', said the judge.

''There can be not the slightest doubt that this is a man who idolised violent conflict against the West,' Miss Darlow said, and that 'you have got to go out and engage in violence to reach the ranks of martyrs.'Islam raised the subject of the Woolwich attack on December 20 2013, asking Thomas: 'If the war doesn't stop there should be another killing. Islam, sporting a side parting and with a fledgling beard grown since the trial, sat with his head bowed throughout the judge's sentencing remarks, glancing briefly to his family when the sentence was passed.'The defendant carefully groomed Mr Thomas over many months, flattering him when he appeared willing to do his bidding and bullying him with implied threats of what people associated with him would do if he didn't carry out his wishes when he didn't appear to be going according to plan.'He also applied liberal encouragement to Thomas to murder a British soldier, inciting him with stories about the murder of innocent children by the military forces and referring approvingly to the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich.'The court heard that Islam had become 'estranged' from his family but Mr Lownds said he had later returned home and came from a 'loving and supportive family who are very worried and confused by these events.'Islam's family looked on from the public gallery during the sentencing hearing, and Mr Lownds added: ''The timing of these events, of him attending meetings with proscribed organisations and entering these discussions, preceded the point at which he obtained a job, was living at home, and was attending the job every day.

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