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People can now video chat face to face with family and friends through video calling services such as Skype and Face Time, hold video conferences with more than one person on Google Hangouts and social networking sites, and even use their webcam as a barcode scanner to check the cost/trade in value of goods online.

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Nazivaju me svakakvim imenima, ali ja vrlo dobro znam ko sam i koliko vredim. Teško je podnela sve u početku, ali je vremenom naučila da živi s tim. Od promena na telu jedino bih grudi ugradila ako se moj budući partner bude složio sa tim.

Forward-thinking women are looking for something more in their work and want to get unstuck, transform personally, and have a cool career.

All women have the desire to feel valuable, understood, supported, wanted and needed.

Let’s take a look at some of the primary causes of low sex drive: Stress: One major cause of stress we see in women is unaligned work: work that is diametrically opposed to their belief system and not suited to their skills and desires. When you do work you don’t love, it drains your energy.

A lot of women are stuck in a monotonous routine at an office job with a terrible boss. Most women are also severely overworked, as 10-12 hour days are the norm in the corporate world, and people who work the normal 8 hours are often looked down upon as lazy or unmotivated.

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