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The town was named in honor of Prince William, Duke of Cumberland.

William Blackstone (also spelled William Blaxton in colonial times) was the first European to settle and live in Cumberland.

An additional tower was recently constructed for the new DDU.

The wall is twenty feet high, with five strands of electrical wire along the top.

The Trappists sold the monastery and grounds to the town and part of the building was converted into the Edward J.

Hayden Library, aka Cumberland Public Library in 1976. Cumberland was the site of iron works that made cannons and cannonballs for the French and Indian War and the American Revolution.

(He was also the first European to have settled in Boston, but left when he and the newly arrived Puritans disagreed about religion.) He preached his brand of tolerant Christianity under an oak tree that became an inspiration to Christians worldwide.

He lived on a farm in the Lonsdale area of Cumberland, where he cultivated the first variety of American apples, the Yellow Sweeting.

Mattie’s relationship with the victim was discovered by BVT’s administrative staff through a photo posted on social media.

Work on the maximum security penitentiary was completed in 1955, and the new prison officially opened less than a year later.

The original perimeter consisted of a wall with eight observation towers.

In situations like this we are fortunate to have a police and legal network which functions cooperatively and cohesively.” The parents were pleased with the way BVT and the Upton Police Department handled the situation.

The matter was then referred to Hopedale Police for further investigation.

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