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The Belgians will join German, Dutch, and Norwegian troops at the Rukla base in central Lithuania.At last year's Nato summit in Warsaw, the alliance decided to deploy forces in the countries bordering Russia and Belarus.More than 100 Belgian army troops and five dozen military vehicles also arrived in the port of Klaipeda, 37 miles from Russia's Kaliningrad exclave, which has a navy base and long-range missile systems.Kaliningrad is squeezed between Lithuania and Poland.

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Later Mokhov occasionally took each out for a short nocturnal walk. Yelena gave birth to two sons who were then abandoned. Irina Sablina, a senior deputy prosecutor, said: "The suspect was holding the girls in a cellar at his house so he could commit violent sexual acts on them."During the first two years, Mokhov apparently behaved brutally with the girls, often starving them into submission.

State-owned Russian Railways was also targeted in the attack, and was able to defend itself.

However, more than 1,000 Windows-operated PCs in Russia’s Interior Ministry were affected.

The used language (and the one used first in the heading) depends on the official language of the place of residence (per the Belgian language areas), unless the residence is a Brussels municipality, in which case the holder may choose between French or Dutch, or a municipality with language facilities, in which case the holder may choose between French or Dutch, or French or German, depending on the local language facilities.

The cards are in credit card format (ID1) and contain a 3-line machine-readable strip on the back starting with IDBEL.

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