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Options from the menu and click the Advanced Options button on the Other tab.Now you can uncheck the item “Sync RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List”.The Common Feed List is used by programs such as Outlook 2010 and Internet Explorer as a common location for RSS Feeds information.When you add an RSS Feed to any program that uses the Common Feed List, that RSS Feed is available in all programs automatically.Now that you’ve disabled the Sync feature, you can delete all of the feeds from under the RSS Feeds folder.

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If you have a ton of feeds, this could also theoretically speed up Outlook—at the very least it makes your system a little cleaner.Hello MWJames, First of all thanks for replying to my post.I have now uploaded a of a IE8 browser that is displaying the Changes link that you have mentioned on your above reply.The benefit of RSS is the aggregation of all content from multiple Web sources in one place.You no longer have to visit different Web sites for news, weather, blogs, and other information.

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