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Once he was a free man, but now he lives for fights that bring rewards.

Dean has suffered from slavery and isn't prone to trusting anyone.

The fact he seems to have found happiness with a man makes no difference to your chances with him, they were zero anyway.

Richard and Lee have made it very clear they are aware of tumblr and social media.

Although it’s appropriate that Bilbo Baggins serves as the central figure in the three “The Hobbit” films that Peter Jackson created to adapt J. Played by Richard Armitage, the would-be dwarf king seeks, against all odds, to restore his people’s kingdom, and that trek is the reason that Bilbo takes his “Unexpected Journey.” Meanwhile, Thorin struggles to come to terms with the significance of his birthright, even as he must fight again and again with increasingly fierce adversaries to reclaim it.

Tolkien’s novel of the same name, another character provides their narrative backbone: Thorin.

Why are people still so desperate to deny that he might be gay and in a relationship with Lee?

It’s partly in my hands, it’s partly in the hands of Pete and the continuity team.~Named such because speculation about Richard Armitage's private life is often frowned upon by forums and some admirers.I don't think it's a big deal if done tastefully... All RA sites have their strengths and I think this blog's is humor.Because the production of the “Hobbit” trilogy is so different than typical ones, what are your expectations after watching the first installment and knowing that the next one is coming? You’re always excited to see what happens in post-production in terms of the formation of that digital world that was never there when we were shooting.You’re also kind of anxious to see what’s left of your performance in terms of the edit, because there’s so much material cut, and some things have to go.

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