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We want to advertise our dating web-site on Facebook and Instagram, but they haven't been authorized by Facebook yet, because we are relatively new to Facebook with this product.Who do I contact to discuss the details and get authorization? Most of the tips will not bring you direct traffic but they will help boost your site ranking and therefore the organic traffic. You run a white label dating business so you know your business model – by giving advice you are considered an expert.2. This is another effective way to build traffic and residual traffic. Contributing to a blog as a guest poster is not the only way to benefit from blogs, commenting can be as effective as well as long as your comments are sensible and contain a decent word count, I would suggest about 150 words will qualify as a good blog comment.Contribute to online dating forums by being helpful and informative. But remember do not get involved in arguments, express an opinion but don’t be too opinionated.4. You would think by now ever single business and individual on the internet has a Facebook page, but surprisingly a staggering number of businesses don’t.We’ve got some tips for both, on and offline campaigns.Depending on your budget you can use all of them or just some.

White label products can be of tremendous benefit to your online dating business as well, and below are seven reasons why.1.

As you’re a business do not forget Linked In – take the attitude that all traffic is good traffic and as a brand you need to push and get “it” out there.

If you’re writing blogs and articles – set yourself up as a publisher and push them out.

If you dating site is one of the few businesses without Facebook page, you must establish one without delay.

It will not just provide you with some traffic but it will also boost your SEO ranking and online credibility.

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