Private dating scan lancashire

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The obstetric ultrasound department provides a range of scans including nuchal translucency as part of the first trimester screening for Down’s syndrome, full anatomy scans of the baby between 19-21 weeks gestation as well as growth scans, and other scans as required.Amniocentesis is available to support diagnosis of Down’s syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.Baby scans are an amazing way of providing you with essential and valuable information about the health, well-being and development of your baby.Private baby scans can also allow you and your family to experience your baby’s protected little world Congratulations on your pregnancy!Capture your new baby stretching, yawning or even sucking its thumb.Mothers to be and their partners should be reassured that their unborn child is in the safest of hands and that they will take home quality movies and photos for you and all your family to cherish now and forever.Our ultrasound baby scan clinic is located in Manchester which is easily accessible from M60 & M602.

Includes: 2D Scan Well-being Checks Including: Confirmation of Single/multiple Pregnancy Heartbeat Visualisation The Detection of Some Abnormalities To Check That Baby is Growing Normally Position of Baby & Placenta Well-being Report for Mum to Keep Book Now!We offer a range of scan packages to suit your needs.We have a Early Reassurance and Dating package, which can really relax and reassure any anxious parents in the first stages of pregnancy.All of our scans allow us to check all is well with baby (Well-being Scan) at any stage of pregnancy from 16 to 40 weeks.Our Well-being scan (which is similar to the ultrasound scans that you will have at your hospital) allows us to check the well-being of your baby (you will receive a Well-being Report) Mums can then choose to add gender confirmation and/or one of our amazing 4D scans to the well-being check allowing parents to find out if you’re having a little boy/girl and see baby in his/her protected world.

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