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Later, Homer was convinced by Marge to act as Selma's husband so that she could adopt a Chinese baby and did all he could to make sure that Selma got to keep said baby.He also helped her and Patty keep their jobs after they were caught smoking at work (although this was more for Marge's sake).

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The Henry Danger actor was recently in the presence of actor Phill Lewis, who, TBH, will... Cole Sprouse is messing with our emotions because he's back on television!

In fact, Selma is responsible for reuniting Homer with Marge after they had split up, despite an agreement with Patty not to do so.

Homer has also demonstrated moments of kindness towards Selma such as offering advice and sympathy, when she began to question her own ability to be a mother after attempting to take care of Bart and Lisa for an afternoon.

Music is reporting that the new MÖTLEY CRÜE single, "If I Die Tomorrow", is actually a leftover song from SIMPLE PLAN's recording sessions for their latest album, "Still Not Getting Any..." The common denominator is Bob Rock, who produced the CRÜE's new material after completing work with the Montreal rock band.

"It's pretty dope to be thinking that such a influential huge band chose to work on a song that we wrote, for their comeback, their greatest hits package and their reunion tour. It's pretty mind-blowing." After Rock produced SIMPLE PLAN's follow-up to the 2002's 1.7 million selling debut, "No Pads, No Helmets...

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