Not being desperate dating

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God knows you have a need for companionship and intimacy for He designed marriage for that very reason. The only way you can trust someone with something as important as picking your spouse, is you must know that person intimately.The first step in finding a boyfriend is to make God the most important relationship in your life.programmed to match you up based on a few matching keywords.Yup – that’s what we’re all trusting our future to.You’ve been out of the dating scene for far too long and you’re dying to jump back into the swing of things…but you’re not quite desperate enough to venture into the typical online dating meat market, at least not quite yet.Even if swiping left or right wasn’t a pain in the ass, it still just kind of reeks of desperation.Get to know Him as you study His word and you will see that God is trustworthy and wants the best for your life.

The problem is when we feel desperate we compromise.

And when that doesn’t work, you move on to the next one—someone, anyone to be your boyfriend.

If finding a boyfriend is at the top of your to-do list, you should probably cross it off right now.

Add all that up and it really tips the male-female ratio heavily in the male direction, to the detriment of the men.

With a much higher supply of men and lower supply of women, supply-demand economics dictate that men would be more desperate in this situation.

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