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Ocarina of Time 3D has also topped the charts as one of the Most Wanted videogames at Amazon.And here are a few words from Miyamoto about what he thinks makes Ocarina of Time such a special game. It seems to me that there were a lot of “first experiences” in those games. One of the biggest features of Ocarina of Time may be that it has so many firsts packed into it. There are people who wrote the story, and of course, if you have no story, you’re in trouble.I like taking mint to the beach because the cloths she wears is so sexy. to shine with a flickering gleam of light, as a star or distant light. Well I think Toon Link has gotten the closest with Tetra Link, they really did seem closer...

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The heart of Ocarina of Time lies in what the individual designers composed with the elements produced by the person in charge of writing the story. Miyamoto: The theme of Ocarina of Time is very simple: it’s about a child becoming an adult. There are many encounters and partings, and the three women. But if you just scatter that theme and story around a landscape, it won’t make the game interesting. Miyamoto: So, what is it that makes it interesting as a game? It’s just that it was the first 3D Zelda game, and we were able to explore what would be most interesting about making it in 3D without worrying about much else. Then lots of new things and Zelda series traditions that worked well just soaked in. Iwata: That’s why, even as they experience new things one after another, players will feel that this is definitely a Zelda game. This is a bit of a difficult topic, though; maybe I shouldn’t have gone into it here (laughs). You see, we’ve never actually talked about why Ocarina of Time is evaluated as prominent before. Again, it’s the same with the first Star Wars: when I look at Ocarina now, the graphics are really rough.

The foundation lies in the puzzles that have appeared in The Legend of Zelda franchise since the first game. And then, there’s really no way around it; we had the most freedom with Ocarina of Time in that respect. Because if we didn’t phrase things correctly, it could sound as though we are not valuing new things. So rough that I think it’s a wonder people actually played it.

A demon has kidnapped all the people from the kingdom and there's only one hero that traveled through all the oceans and posesses the great magical lantern to rescue them. Attack pressing Z or J and the space bar to open the box.

Mystic Circle is a cute Zelda-like RPG fantasy adventure game.

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