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You meet a girl or boy, you "date" for a few months, and then you decide you'd like to get married.

The boy (or, man), requests his future wife's hand in marriage from the father of the bride-to-be, and the engagement period is really what takes time.

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Mostly, men and women marry very young, and they often meet their significant other in school, university, work, or through family members.There are still "arranged marriages" in small villages, where marrying straight of high school is not uncommon (I don't mean arranged by a woman being presented with resumes, but, rather, friends' of the family or distant relatives setting up their children together, or encouraging that set-up).Primarily, there isn't a bar/club/lounge scene in even the largest city, so most students meet their significant other with the intention of getting married to that person, not just "date" until graduation and then figuring out where it goes from there.Photo: Days felt short in the canyon as the sun would quickly pass and jump from one wall to the other. Landslides and unsteady rocks are common in the canyon due to the powerful river and surrounding mountains.Paddler Tomass Marnics keeps his boat straight through the narrow canyon.

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