Known problems updating zywall firmware

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MORE: 12 More Things You Didn't Know Could Be Hacked If you want to protect against The Moon, or simply wish to ensure that your Linksys router is as safe as it can be, read on to find out how to upgrade your firmware and adjust your router settings. If that doesn't work, then the local IP address of your router was changed from the default during the initial setup.

Find out the new IP address and enter that instead. Log into the setup page using your administrator credentials.

For some unimaginable reason none of the control apps aren't able to send diagnostics out either nor it doesn't allow IOS to submit it via cellular either (just to try a different routing) but only Wi Fi. Searched this Community and Google for answers but wasn't able to quite find the right one..

Similars had connection and router, etc issues which i think i don't, or at least none of the other devices doesn't?

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If you haven't, then leave the "User name" box blank, and in the "Password" box, enter "admin." If that doesn't work, type "admin" into the "User name" box as well. Check that your router is running the latest firmware.

Since then, I can not download my e-mail from within Thunderbird, even though I can deal with them on web-based mail which supposedly logs in via IE!

I can use Google to search, but the results will not link to their site. I have tried (risky) disabling the firewall in the router and the PC Tools Firewall Plus - no change. I have checked every setting I can find to no avail.

Sometimes there may be issues delivering emails to a destination server using a Zyxel router.

A telnet to the destination server from a Linux machine shows no 220 greeting is returned.

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