Johanna real world dating

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People (like me and Buzzfeed) who can't get enough of it can be easy to fool ourselves into thinking that their marriage has always been sheltered under that picturesque roof.

But the truth is, Chip and Joanna started out like Joe and me, and many newlywed couples I know: near-broke after blowing it all on an amazing honeymoon.

Bwitches, cocreated by best friends/roommates Johanna Middleton and Martine Moore, tackles everything from dating to racial microaggressions from the perspective of two women of different races.

At least Joe and I had a clean apartment and well-stocked refrigerator to come home to after our honeymoon. They spent the night on the floor of their first home (which still needed renovation), recently vacated by students who kindly left rotting meat in the fridge and dried animal urine on the carpet. But the most comforting part of this story is that Joanna and Chip behaved just as you or I might behave in this situation.

What better way to get a relationship rolling than by starting things off by cohabitating?

), she and Danny reconciled and continued to fall hard for each other.

They got married after the season, but rumors suggest that they split this year.

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