Jeff probst dating julie from survivor

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Those fears finally boiled over during this week’s merge episode, ending with Julie announcing to host Jeff Probst that she was pulling herself from the game. The show provided several possible reasons — a so-called “trail mix scandal,” the overwhelming forces of Mother Nature, Missy overplaying her hand, Julie’s desire to reunite with her boyfriend… So it was amazing to me to see how it was turned into this “trail mix scandal,” and everyone’s calling me a stealer. It’s surprising to see where I stood with all this. So when she said, “I just think it’s so selfish…” Give me a break. It was hurtful to see everyone talking all that smack behind my back. Did you have to mend fences with them, since you were in an alliance with them when you left? As quickly and simply put, after the merge feast, I really ate slow and steady so I wasn’t hunched over puking. Most people were off to the side with their full bellies. Giant John Rocker wins rock paper scissors and volunteers himself to compete against his sweet little girlfriend, Julie Mc Gee.Is this a strategy move from Rocker or just a play to get some more challenge time on the books?

I wasn’t too surprised, but someone who just lit my ass up was Alec. Okay, any fan of the show gets it, but give me a break.

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Interviewing these people before the game, I realized they had no idea how real this experience was going to get.

Pre-game, the twins were probably the most lighthearted out of all the contestants.

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