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While it may be only one letter different, it makes a dramatic difference in whether or not a description genuinely "fits."Given that I work with so many different models of personality type, I'm going to lean into those now to highlight the differences between these two particular types, since it is such a common misunderstanding.INFJs have the Catalyst temperament, while INTJs have the Theorist temperament.As has been repeatedly stressed on this website, a "test" cannot tell you who you are.The only results of any personality assessment that are valid are the ones that have been thoroughly validated according to your own personal experience.

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Since small talk is still too painful, though, most INTJs withdraw instead. Instead, the INTJ’s thoughts are a complex cloud of relationships and patterns.As you probably already know, the Jungian personality sorters are intended to be a general, universal personality ID that divides people into one of sixteen distinct personality types, along axes if introverted (I) or extroverted (E), Sensing (S) or Intuitive (N), Thinking (T) or Feeling (F), and Judging (J) or Perceiving (P).Now, there are many places which will tell you what this all means, but none of them are quite as...relevant to today's modern civilization as this one... And it’s worth your time if you want to take your fiction to the next level. Fortune 500 companies use MBTI to find the perfect match for high-level career positions. Since INTJs are among the rarest personality types (among women, INTJ is rarest type), you might be surprised it’s the most often used yet least understood type in fiction. It’s a science-backed explanation of how humans process and use information.

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