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Having been in the room that night, it’s my opinion it’s a charge that is well deserved.

Mc Caslin, by the way, formerly served on the board until resigning a couple of months ago after the balance of power had shifted, and not in her favor. All warrants have been recalled and all pending cases have been dismissed.

Later I came to know that Mumbai police allows one to track the application status on their website.

There is no point in visiting your local police station unless the details are updated on Mumbai police website. Calling them is also of no use as generally the information that is provided over phone is to visit the local police station for further inquiry.

In fact it might be considered a necessity for keeping your sanity.

****** Don’t look now but the next Village of Ferrelview board meeting is Tuesday night. ****** Speaking of the Village of Ferrelview board meetings--and I apologize for that--you’ll notice on our front page that at least one criminal charge has come out of the obnoxious behavior by audience members at the July 11 meeting.

Kenji Sakamoto helps her find her perfect place, but it wasn’t quite what she had in mind.

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