European sugar daddy dating

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This means that posers, stiffs, riff raff and haters cant afford the price of admission.

The only ones who can slide the door at this place are a select group of European models, but it is basically required that they have to tan topless in a t-back.

This highly-exclusive affair will be attended by some of London’s most established and successful men, including lawyers, doctors, executives, footballers and the independently wealthy. WSB Staff Whats the point in having the hottest piece of arm candy in town if you cant show off?The Shore Club is the EPIC hotspot where wealthy men to show off their cars, buying power, and Sugar Babies.The Shore Club features a European Spa, 24-hour, five-star room service and a lavish abundance of hedonistic amenities designed to help you forget the rest of the world for a few days, a week, month, etc.Rooms, suites and bungalows range in price from 0 to ,000 a night and the pool deck is only available to hotel guests.

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