Embarrasing dating stories

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I bolted to the bathroom where I had explosive diarrhea.

I thought that would make me feel better, but nope — vomit started coming out! When I sat to regain myself, I saw I'd pooped on his floor while I'd been vomiting.

By the time he picked me up, I knew everything about him, from where he had gone to high school to the names of three of his ex-girlfriends.

Things were going pretty well, until we started talking about vacations for some reason.

My poop was the consistency of soft-serve ice cream, swirling around the toilet bowl with corn pieces in it.

The date with the lost keys It might be cliche but there is nothing more romantic than a night-time walk on the beach.

The date with the ball punch It can be sexy to be a bit rough and tumble in the bedroom but one lady’s first date ended on a sore note for her potential bloke.

Making a fierce grab for his goods, she took it a bit far and accidentally punched him there instead.

A few years ago, a cute guy I met in class asked me out.

I was pretty excited to hang out with him outside of school and so obviously I added him on Facebook and then stalked him on there as I was getting ready for our date.

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