Dating vintage epiphone guitars

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Suddenly, electric guitars were #1 on every kids Christmas list.Companies that had been manufacturing Accordions for 20 years, retooled for electric guitars.To ask questions, for more info or pics or to inquire about the purchase of a guitar, you can email me at [email protected], adding the stock # of the guitar you're interested in, and let me know what you need.061717A Model 910 make amazing steel string guitars as the body is slightly larger than their 0-size cousins but without sacrificing any depth.Univox was not, as you might guess, just another isolated Japanese import, but was part of a much larger story of its importer, the Merson company.And in this context, Univox is a part of the much larger story that included names you probably see everywhere but know little about, since they’re off the beaten path, names such as Tempo, Giannini, Westbury, Korg and much more!

Electric guitars are like ice cream flavors because there’s no right answer as to which one is the best, although some people might be able to make a pretty passionate argument for their favorite.Additionally, these selections present a variety of finish options to "wow" your audience because with electric guitars, great looks DO matter.Paul Reed Smith has made a name for itself in the guitar manufacturing community for their practice of crafting great sounding, meticulously designed instruments that impress across the board.While many musical greats have used it to carve out their legacy and shape the evolution of music, it’s still an instrument used in garage rehearsals by countless artists who may change music in the years which lie ahead.If you’re looking to buy an electric guitar, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

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