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The 69-year-old also admitted she is open to dating a toyboy in real life as she discussed her new film, in which she plays a woman in her sixties who has a romantic relationship with a younger co-worker.Sally literally jumped at the chance to lock lips once again with the 35-year-old actor as they took part in a game of Heads Up, a version of charades where Ellen has to guess what the contestants are acting out.In one shot, she beams as her eldest son, Peter Craig, then a toddler, sits on her shoulders; another frame holds the TV Guide cover of Sally in The Flying Nun, a comedy beloved by viewers but the cause of much angst for its star.Looking at the photos, it's incredible to realize that Sally had her own TV series before she was 20 and two kids before she was 25. "You just go right in."In the film, Field plays a delusional woman in her sixties who has a thing for a younger co-worker (Greenfield)."We had already been kinda like flirting around and then we just, we just went for it," Greenfield said.

Field urged people to get behind the Human Rights Campaign, which is currently trying to raise 0,000 to help it fight bullshit ‘religious liberty’ bills that have been proposed in a number of states, allowing religious bigots to deny goods and services to any person they disapproved of for “religious reasons.” They only have a few more days to raise the money, so Sally stepped up to the plate asking folks to join her in having some common sense. Growing up, Sam wanted desperately to just be like his older brothers – athletic, rambunctious and even a little bit macho. Finally, at 20, long after he beat his brothers at tennis and computer games and knew as much as anyone about basketball, Sam was able to stand up proudly and say, “I am a gay man.” One of the great privileges of my life to have been allowed to be a part of Sam’s journey.‘What can I tell you, I’m not good at relationships,’ says the twice-divorced Sally Field with a wry smile.‘I’d love to know what it’s like to have a successful one but I never meet anyone, because I’m not very social.’ Marriage may not be her thing – Field’s relationship with her Smokey And The Bandit co-star Burt Reynolds also bit the dust – but the actress knows how to have a good divorce.When they were growing up, we’d all go on vacations together and we were one great big extended family.’ She must have drawn on her experiences for classic 1993 comedy Mrs Doubtfire, also starring Robin Williams.‘People all over the world identify with the pain and agony of divorce,’ says Field, explaining the film’s enduring appeal.

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