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Read Also: 8 Tell-Tale Signs You’re A Geek Nonetheless, all is not lost because we have here 20 good reasons why you should consider giving geeks a chance since they are…To be a geek, you have to be obsessed with something to qualify.Be sure to check out the schedule so you don’t miss out!

To enhance your experience at the Boston Comic Con’s After Parties, we invite you to use a great new app called NOBLE. Don’t miss out on a chance of a lifetime to have your photo taken by a professional photographer with your favourite celebrity!Just like usual, there will be two signing stages – one featuring the artwork of Mike Mignola for (abbreviated LZ in the schedule below). LZ PROJECT TBA: Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Ashley A. HB HARROW COUNTY, DEATH FOLLOWS, CONAN THE SLAYER: Cullen Bunn p.m.– p.m. HB THE GUILD: Felicia Day (WRISTBAND REQUIRED) *LIMIT ONE PRINT, ONE OTHER ITEM PER PERSON a.m.– a.m. LZ PROJECT TBA, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MARTHA WASHINGTON: Dave Gibbons p.m.– p.m. HB EMILY THE STRANGE: Rob Reger, Buzz Parker, Cat Farris a.m.– a.m.Drawings for wristband-required signings will begin at show opening the day before and day of each signing, and it is recommended you get your ticket early from the Dark Horse booth. LZ SOUPY LEAVES HOME: Cecil Castellucci, Jose Pimienta p.m.– p.m. HB FEMINA & FAUNA: Camilla d’Errico TOKIDOKI: Simone Legno (WRISTBAND REQUIRED) *LIMIT ONE PRINT PER PERSON *NO OTHER ITEMS ALLOWED, UNLESS FEMINA & FAUNA IS PURCHASED p.m.– p.m. ZOMBIES, THE WITCHER, MYSTERY GIRL, COLDER: Paul Tobin p.m.– p.m. HB AMERICAN GODS: Scott Hampton, David Mack a.m.– a.m. HB THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY, THE KILLJOYS: Gerard Way, Gabriel Bá (WRISTBAND REQUIRED) a.m.– a.m. HB XERXES, SIN CITY: Frank Miller (WRISTBAND REQUIRED) *NO POSED PHOTOGRAPHY *LIMIT ONE PRINT, ONE OTHER ITEM PER PERSON p.m.– p.m. HB PROJECT TBA: Marc Guggenheim, Richard Hamilton p.m.– p.m. HB BLACK HAMMER CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE: Jeff Lemire, Fábio Moon p.m.– p.m. LZ BEASTS OF BURDEN, SCARY GODMOTHER: Jill Thompson p.m.– p.m. LZ TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN: Shannon Wheeler a.m.– a.m. LZ BUFFY: THE HIGH SCHOOL YEARS, MISFITS OF AVALON: Kel Mc Donald p.m.– p.m.LZ SECRET LOVES (OF GEEK GIRLS): Hope Nicholson, Janet Hetherington, Jen Vaughn, Trina Robbins p.m.– p.m. HB THE LEGEND OF KORRA: Michael Dante Di Martino, Irene Koh, Janet Varney (WRISTBAND REQUIRED) p.m.– p.m. (Room 23ABC) In late 2017, Dark Horse and Adult Swim will publish Go Team Venture! The gorgeous book will detail the creation of the cult-classic animated television series. Join Dark Horse editors, 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor, Bio Ware’s Mac Walters, and Blizzard Entertainment’s Robert Simpson for news and announcements on all your favorite video game tie-ins! GEEKING OUT ON SECRET LOVES: WHEN PERSONAL TALES FILL THE PAGE (Room 25ABC) The Secret Loves of Geeks is the newest anthology from editor Hope Nicholson about love, sex, and dating with stories from cartoonists and professional geeks who tell their intimate, heartbreaking, and inspiring stories.LZ SPELL ON WHEELS: Kate Leth, Marissa Louise p.m.– p.m. LZ DOTA 2: THE COMICS COLLECTION: Steve Jaros a.m.– a.m. LZ HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES, TWO BROTHERS: Gabriel Bá, Fábio Moon Additionally, Dark Horse will be hosting panels throughout the week. Join Dark Horse creators of all genders, orientations, and cultural backgrounds for a discussion on the modern idea of love. ARTISTS WHO WRITE: THE ART AND CRAFT OF COMICS (Room 23ABC) Whether it’s a murder mystery, a superhero adventure, or a new take on history, creators put a lot of thought into the sequential art that drives stories told in comics.

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