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A few weeks after, the scouts of the casting company, Dinaz Stafford, knock at the Sosolya door in search of a girl who could play the role of Mutesi.The artistic qualities are evaluated, the item setup, the presence, the ease.A couple of years ago the freelancer photographer Damiano Rossi from Brescia, who worked in Uganda for a long period of time, was called from the direction of the school of arts and dance Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy in Kampala, in order to illustrate the lives of boys and girls that attended the school.Damiano did not ask for any compensation but worked for charity.

A blockbuster movie that could be nominated for Oscar awards.

You’ve probably heard of their You Can Has Cheeseburger, a hand-pressed quarter-pound black angus beef patty between two golden Texas Toast grilled-cheese sandwiches.

Brunch Box serves 15 sandwiches on top of standard favorites and great breakfast items as well.

Surrounded by columns of neatly stacked Chicago bricks, diners take their seats at tables made of sealed butcher block.

Chef Giannattasio and his staff rely on those early lessons in the kitchen of Cibo Wine Bar, where they've curated a menu of both traditional and modern Italian dishes.

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