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We went early for the orientation-slash-burlesque show, where the evening’s host — in a flesh-colored gown with pink bedazzled nipples and a triangle of black beads over her muff — went over the rules between glittery, exuberant dances.“Don’t be a f--king creeper. I had always thought about consent in terms of the “yes”; the “yes” you can or cannot give based on your age, sobriety, or context.

8 Tips to Get Moving at Work Like so many, I spend most of my day in front of a computer.Although I try to be aware of my posture (thank you mother for the constant reminders….) I’ve been known to spend hours and hours sitting—without much movement.So I avoid staleness of mind and stiffness of body by finding creative ways to move throughout the day.Provided you have both devices, follow the steps below to transfer data from your previous to your new device so you can get up and running right away!An important thing to keep in mind is that Black Berry Content Transfer does not transfer data that is associated with a web-based account, such as contacts that are associated with your Gmail™ account or documents that are saved in Dropbox, for example.

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