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Others appearing were Kids from "Fame", Richard Pryor and Hinton Battle.

Carrie Fisher’s second biographical book, Shockaholic, never follows through on the thin premise of its title, or much of anything else; over 162 pages, it skips from topic to topic as if trying to skim through a series of stories at a party before the hosts kick everyone out. Fisher’s first one-woman show, 2006’s Wishful Drinking, was a Broadway hit, adapted into her first autobiographical book in 2008, and an Emmy-nominated TV special in 2010.

Fisher’s life certainly provides a wealth of colorful anecdotes, for instance about the public romance between her famous parents, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, and the latter’s eventual defection to a relationship with Elizabeth Taylor.

Carrie Fisher’s adult meetings with Taylor illustrate a point the book never directly addresses, but often touches on: Celebrities can be extremely strange, due to their isolation.

Performs Benefit for Mulholland Tomorrow and the William O. Organised by Don Henley, Jackson performed as did Linda Ronstadt, Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks.

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"You may recognize some of these pieces from the Millennium Falcon hallway."Lee is spearheading a project to build a full-scale Millennium Falcon replica, with crews across the country busy in workshops and garages to build parts of the project."We've mostly completed a 13-foot section of the hallway here at Make Nashville," he said."As soon as I met Leah, Leah as Leia, I knew that she was the one," Lee said, remembering their first meeting at a convention."I didn't," D'Andrea-Lee laughed."That's why we waited six more years," Lee said. Immediately, Diet Coke in hand, and I'm instantly bawling."Leah and Chris said inspirations can come from all sorts of places.Shockaholic is a natural follow-up: More a brief collection of anecdotes, observations, one-liners, and deliberate self-send-up than a cogent autobiography, it feels like a thoughtful stand-up set, a dry run for Fisher’s next stage show.It’s easy to hear it in her voice, and appreciate it more as someone chatting with an audience about the ridiculousness of her celebrity life than as an attempt at deathless prose. DD Years are sometimes grouped ;on one page for ease of access; sometimes individual; you may access a specific year from this page by clicking on the navigation bar to the left.Susan Anspach sang a song, Mike Farrell and Diane Ladd spoke and the evening climaxed with Jackson singing For America, accompanied by a computer-driven synthesizer.

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