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Uh oh, Jenna and Tamara are going to fight over the same guy?Do you think their friendship can survive that again?

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I did buy my cat an aristocrat costume, and she has a very poofy's hard, because my cat has three legs, so she can't wear sweaters. And I'm a writer, so pants or no pants, I can get work done! Ashley Rickards' first big break wasn't her buzz-worthy role on the teen saga One Tree Hill, or even her critically praised gig on the high school hit Awkward, MTV's flagship comedy series. But my cat has a stroller, so I'll probably put her in that. Of all your past Halloween costumes, which is your favorite? I didn't fly, obviously, but I put on a penguin suit, and then I threw on a jetpack. But there's a great quote that says "Fashion is art you can wear." And I think that's exactly what it is.It was being gifted with a super-high IQ (seriously, she's a Mensa member) that allowed her the chance to graduate high school at the ripe age of 15, putting her on the fast track to becoming a silver screen talent. My best friend in the world is so far removed from the industry, and the other day she was like, "Are you like, a legit actress? I just really enjoy going to Target, playing with my cat, and staying in on Friday. And this is the perfect time for me to say this: I am against sexy Halloween costumes. So I wear things that inspire me, things that are expressive and full of life.It's like, "You and me, we're clear that this is not sexy. But this season, she's wearing skinny jeans and cute boots, really accessible stuff that's very youthful, new millennium. When you first did Awkward, did you see the storm that was coming? When I started the show, frankly, I didn't even think it would get picked up.And just to make it more clear, I'm going to make this unsexy." It's more of a sibling relationship with them. MTV didn't even do scripted programming at the time, and what I thought I was doing with my career was very different than [Awkward].

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