Boost failed updating targets

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As there is no one-stop conversion from BCL to FASTQ from the illumina downloads, the generation of QSEQ files is still a necessary (although not significantly difficult) evil.

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The Boost C libraries are already included in popular Linux and Unix distributions such as Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and Net BSD and are used by projects such as Python, Xibo, Civilization IV, etc..Gone are the QSEQ files, they are replaced by BCL files which are binary, per image, per cycle files that contain the base call and quality information.Because they are per image, per cycle files, they can be transferred cycle by cycle as they are generated (as opposed to QSEQ files which are read based).The newest version of the Illumina sequencing software no longer uses the QSEQ format during the sequencing run, relying now on BCL files.This 12 January 2010 post snip from the intro nicely.

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