Boomer dating advice

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Everything Zoomer – If you live in Canada, you’re going to love Everything Zoomer. For example, today, they have an article entitled, “Older Adults Need to Step Up Their Efforts to Avoid Scams and Financial Problems.” Visit Boomer Consumer.

My book is loaded with information derived from tens of thousands of men’s and women’s comments on my articles in AARP and The Huffington Post as well as my own dating experience.

art classes, yoga, dinners with friends, working out, careers, and more.

Boomer women have earned our respect, and men, who insist boomer women are bitter and angry, might consider that sentiment may be connected to their unresolved feelings about an ex.

This is the quintessential example of a holiday created by and for the florist, candy and greeting card industries.

Saint Valentine, a Roman priest who married Christian couples during Emperor Claudius’ reign doesn’t get much press.

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