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It is surely safe to say that these days we O’Do-know-who Danny O’Donoghue is.

Sure, when the Irish frontman of The Script first spun round his red chair on the BBC’s talent show The Voice, everyone drew a blank.

“We didn’t want people to think we were a self-adoring band. Honestly it’s not bad for business,” he clarifies now.

We wanted people to accept us for the music first.” “We don’t want to be known for being famous ... But did he tell his ex-girlfriend, Imra Mali, that it was just rumours? “People have been saying that since I was f***ing 12 years old.

She attended Marlborough College, the alma mater of the Duchess of Cambridge, while her cousin, the lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, once dated Prince Harry.

Not bad PR, one might think, for an up-and-coming singer.

But now 10 million The Voice viewers are familiar with the 31-year-old’s black quiff, his Irish babble and his inability to stay seated (he made a habit of giving standing ovations during The Voice) and they’re ready for his third album (helpfully named #3), out next month.

As she was brought to tears in some of her rehearsals, viewers heard Danny comfort her, realising, "This is hard for you, isn't it? A year on from the show, and it seems Bo's professional star is on the rise, with a new single out at the end of April, and her debut album out the same day.

Bo isn't the first 'Voice' contestant to release her material, that honour went to Amy Winehouse's pal Tyler James, but she can boast an impressive roll-call of writing and producing talent, including Snow Patrol's Johnny Mc Daid and Zero 7's Henry Binns.

Those sleepy eyes, ringed in smudged kohl and spidery mascara.

Her rumpled outfits, which could have been plucked from a heap on her bedroom floor.

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