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Be aware of this and realize that he’s okay with disappointing you.

Don’t be with someone who doesn’t do what they say they’re going to do.

Last week in group therapy session, much to my surprise, the clients did not in fact want to do the activity we had planned that would require them to talk about coping skills (…super...

The breakup followed by what hardly feels like a breakup at all: we still fall back on the ex that actually wasn’t so good for us in the first place.

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Tell him about it and he’ll put you on ignore faster than you can open your tampon wrapper. Acting like you’ve memorized his profile makes you seem desperate. So don’t respond to an email asking about your interest in hiking by saying that you went to the same College and it’s, like, totally awesome and stuff! I’m sure he already knows you went to the same school. And only respond to his messages if they’re worthy of being responded to. He’ll wonder if you’re just sitting around waiting for some guy to contact you. And we all want to avoid attracting men we’re not into. Then we whine and complain to our girlfriends about how every guy is an asshole. But wouldn’t it be more fun to start dating the right men. How we write our profile and the type of pictures we upload will impact the type of men that contact us. In that case, go ahead and post slutty photos of yourself.Read more » Number one rule: find humor in your dating history I’ve taken the initiative to embarrass myself by sharing with you all of the things that I actually allowed to happen while in relationships.It’s 2017 and it’s almost a rarity to meet someone in a social setting and date from therein.Read more » This week, I interviewed an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.It is a phase characterized by intense feelings of continuous excitement, the giddy little girl/little boy syndrome, and a period of...

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    NO lier NO scammer NO cheater NOT protender NOT someone who dont know what he want NOT someone who cant keep a conversation going Scammer listen.... Maple trees give me a feeling of warmth, security and joy! Anyway, I love to celebrate life and to discover the broad palette of human's attitudes.