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Seeing them side by side, you can’t imagine more suitable casting for Tennessee Williams’s dark, daring play about sexuality, need and madness.

Her refined delicacy and his grounded intensity make it easy to see them stepping into the roles of the damaged Southern Belle Blanche Du Bois and her volatile brother-in-law Stanley Kowalski, parts made famous on Broadway in 1947 by Jessica Tandy and Marlon Brando, and on screen four years later by Brando with Vivien Leigh. “There’s nowhere to hide.” Anderson has wanted to play Blanche for years, and was conscious that if she left it too long – she is 46 next month – the protective Williams estate might deem her too old.

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It's when we stop for a moment and listening that the world gets interesting.“Sean is absolutely crazy about Charlize,” an insider tells The Post.“He treats her son, Jackson, like his own, and the little boy already calls him ‘Daddy.’” The couple are even house-hunting in Los Angeles’ picket-fence paradise, Pacific Palisades.Yet it is the insight with which the two actors talk about the play, directed at the Young Vic by Benedict Andrews, that makes you hope this might be a production to remember. She told a producer that it was the only play she was interested in appearing in and made the further stipulation that it must be played in the round.“I’ve never seen a production where I felt I was a fly on the wall in New Orleans and I felt that that version of it would not only be exciting to perform, but the version that I’d want to see,” she says.

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