Are handsome men intimidating

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It’s in the way you hold yourself and interact with those around you. At this point, he’s just trying to downgrade how awesome you are. It’s petty and stupid, but some guys think this makes them look better. Do you suddenly feel like the exchange has turned into an escalating tennis match? Remember, the right ones stick around to learn who you really are. As much as he might want to approach you, he’s put off by your confidence. His ego’s been hurt somehow and now he has to go lick his wounds. No matter what you say to the guy, he takes it as an insult. He’s intimidated and thinks you’re constantly judging him. If his ego’s that fragile, do you even want to deal with him to begin with? Snide comments about whatever you happen to say is a sure sign he’s feeling intimidated.No, I've never been intimidated by an attractive man but I am ANNOYED by them if they're self-centered and vain. They're not all stopping at every mirror to admire themselves.It's just that the ones that do make me want to SMACK THEM!Well Haseena, what you suffer from my dear is The Curse of Being A Beautiful Woman – don’t deny your looks for fear of conceit, if you have it going on then you have it going on.

The pressure mounts up and he either finds himself under in one of these types or all as his thoughts progress: From all that (and more) it’s completely understandable how hard it can be to not only find a nice guy whose not so hung up on your looks, but to actually meet a nice man who you will feel attracted towards or is slightly indifferent and knows how to look deeper inside first before all the man-chatter leads him astray. Men are strong naturally, but when it comes to women, an inexperienced guy always fears being that dude who is shot down by the beauty in an embarrassing way.I need to figure out a way that a beautiful woman can signal to us guys that she is safe to approach (I know lol) and that even if she is not interested, she will not go off and embarrass the hell out of us.Although this rarely happens, the one loud, crazy chick that we have all met at one time, scares the crap out of guys for some reason.If it were me, and I saw you and was really into you, I would approach you and anything short of you emasculating me loudly in public would not really deter me from at least trying to get to know you.

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