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:電流力計形-(形)electromagnetic clutch :電磁クラッチelectromagnetic flowmeter :電磁流量計electromagnetic unit :電磁単位electrometer tube :電位計真空管electromotive force :起電力electron multiplier :電子増倍管electron rest mass :電子の静止質量electron volt :電子ボルト【エネルギーの単位】electronic analog computer :電子アナログ計算機electronic charge :電子の電荷electronic computer :電子計算機electronic instrument :"電子計器,電子式計器"electroscope :検電器electrostatic capacity :静電容量electrostatic unit :静電単位electrostatic voltmeter :静電電圧計electrostatic wattmeter :静電電力計element :素子elongation :伸びemission-spectrometer :発光分光計emissivity :放射率encoder :符号器end standard :端面基準end stone :受け石end-around carry :循環けた上げend-window counter :端窓計数管end-window counter tube :端窓計数管energy :エネルギーenergy flux density :エネルギー束密度【放射線の】energy meterr :積算電力計equalizing valve :均圧弁equation solver :求根器equivalent conductivity :当量導電率erg :エルグ【仕事・エネルギー・熱量の単位】error :誤差error curve :誤差曲線escapement wheel :がんぎ車etalon :エタロンetched circuit :プリント回路etched-stem type thermometer :棒温度計evaporation pan :蒸発計evaporimeter :蒸発計excess current :過電流excess meter :積算超過電力計excess-three code :"3増し符合,3増しコード"excitation :励磁exclusive or circuit :排他的論理和回路expanded scale :拡大目盛expansion coefficient :膨張係数expansion factor :膨張係数【絞り計算の】expansion thermometer :膨張温度計expansion tube :膨張管exploring coil :さぐりコイルexposure :"露光,照射線量"exposure meter :露光計exposure value :"露光量,露出値"extension lead wirer :補償導線extension scale :延長目盛extensometer :伸び計external critical damping resistance :外部臨界制動抵抗external resistance :外部抵抗extrapolation chamber :補外電離箱extrapolation ionization chamber :補外電離箱eyepiece :接眼レンズfall-out :放射性降下物falling body viscometer :落体粘度計fan dynamometer :空気動力計farad :ファラド【キャパシタンスの単位】fast chamber :速い電離箱fast ionization chamber :速い電離箱fatigue tester :疲れ試験機fault finder :障害点測定器feedback :フィードバックfeedback control :フィードバック制御feeler gauge :すきまゲージfiber suspension【Amer.】 :線つりfibre suspension【Eng.】 :線つりfidelity :忠実度field of view :視野figure of merit :良さの指数film badge :フィルムバッジfilm dosimeter :フィルム線量計film ring :フィルムリングfilter :"ろ過器,フィルタ"final controlling element :操作部【フィードバック制御の】fine adjustment :細密調整fineness :"細かさ,繊度"first radiation constant :第一放射定数first-order lag :一次遅れfission chamber :核分裂電離箱fission ionization chamber :核分裂電離箱fixed point of temperature :定義定点【温度の】fixed resistance :固定抵抗fixed-point representation :固定小数点表示flange taps :フランジタップflapper and nozzle :フラッパノズルflip-flop :フリップフロップflip-flop circuit :フリップフロップ回路float :うきfloating control :浮動制御floating-point representation :浮動小数点表示flow chart :流れ図flow coefficient :流量係数flow diagram :流れ図flow monitor :流量監視器flow nozzle :フローノズルflow rate :流量flow sheet :流れ図flowmeter :流量計flue gas analysis :煙道ガス分析fluid damping :流体制動fluid ounce :液用オンス【体積の単位】fluidity :流動度flume :とい【流量測定の】fluorescence spectromete : けい光分光計fluorophotometer :けい光光度計fluxmeter :磁束計foil detector :はく検出器follow-up control :追従制御foot :フート【長さの単位】force :力force balance :力平衡forced oscillation :強制振動forced vibration :強制振動frame :わくfranklin :フランクリン【電気量の単位】free air thermometer :自由大気温度計frequency :"振動数,周波数"frequency characteristic :周波数特性frequency converter :周波数変換器frequency demultiplier :分周器frequency discriminator :周波数弁別器frequency divider :分周器frequency locus :周波数軌跡frequency meter :周波数計frequency modulation :周波数変調frequency multiplier :周波数逓倍器frequency response :周波数応答frequency response characteristic :"周波数特性,周波数応答特性"frequency spectrum :周波数スペクトルfrequency system :周波数方式【遠隔測定の】friction :摩擦friction compensation :摩擦補償friction error :摩擦誤差friction resistance :摩擦抵抗friction torque :摩擦トルクfront connection type...

:全面接続形-(形)fuel flow indicator :燃料流量指示計fuel level gage :燃料油面計fuel level gauge :燃料油面計fuel mixture indicator :混合比計fuel pressure indicator :燃料圧力計fuel quantity gage :燃料油量計fuel quantity gauge :燃料油量計fuel-air ratio indicator :混合比計full radiator temperature【Eng.】 :"黒体温度,完全放射体温度"full radiator【Eng.】 :"黒体,完全放射体"full scale value :全目盛値function generator :関数発生器function potentiometer :関数ポテンショメータfundamental tolerance :基本公差fundamental unit :基本単位gage :"計器,ゲージ"gage block :ブロックゲージgage glass :ゲージガラスgage length :"ゲージ長,標点距離"gage mark :標点gage pressure :"ゲージ圧,ゲージ圧力"gain :ゲインgain constant :ゲイン定数gain crossover frequency :ゲイン交点gain margin :ゲイン余裕gal :ガル【加速度の単位】gallon :ガロン【体積の単位】galvanometer :検流計galvanometer constant :検流計定数gamma :ガンマ【質量の単位】gammma :ガンマ【磁束密度の単位】gap gage :ギャップゲージgap gauge :ギャップゲージgas amplification :気体増幅gas amplification factor :気体増幅率gas analysis by absorption method :吸収分析gas analyzer :ガス分析器gas aspirator :ガス吸引器gas buret :ガスビュレットgas calorimeter :ガス熱量計gas chromatograph :ガスクロマトグラフgas constant :ガス定数gas expansion thermometer :気体膨張温度計gas flow counter :ガスフロー計数管gas flow counter tube :ガスフロー計数管gas flowmeter :ガス流量計gas holder :ガスホルダgas monitor :ガスモニタgas multification :気体増幅gas sampler :ガスサンプラgas sampling :ガス採集gas thermometer :気体温度計gas washer :ガス洗浄器gas-filled thermometer :気体封入金属温度計gasometer :ガスホルダgate :ゲートgauge :"計器,ゲージ"gauge glass :ゲージガラスgauge length :"ゲージ長,標点距離"gauge mark :標点gauge pressure :"ゲージ圧,ゲージ圧力"gear :伝動装置gear ratio :歯数比gearing :伝動装置gilbert :ギルバート【起磁力・磁位の単位】glass dosimeter :ガラス線量計glass electrode :ガラス電極gloss meter :光沢度計go gage :通りゲージgo gauge :通りゲージgold point :金点graduated measuring cylinder :メスシリンダgraduation :目盛graduation line :目盛線grain :グレーン【質量の単位】graphic analysis :図式解析graphic panel :図示パネルgrating :格子gravitational acceleration :重力の加速度gravity control :おもり制御graybody【Amer.】 :灰色体gred ionization chamber :格子付電離箱gredded ionization chamber :格子付電離箱ground resistance :大地抵抗grounding device :接地装置grounding terminal :接地端子guard ring :保護環gyro :"ジャイロ,ジャイロスコープ"gyro-magnetic compass :ジャイロ磁気コンパスgyroscope :"ジャイロ,ジャイロスコープ"haemacytometer :血球計hair hygrometer :毛髪湿度計hair spring :ひげぜんまいhalf load :半負荷half-adder :半加算器half-thickness :半価層half-value layer :半価層half-value thickness :半価層halogen counter :ハロゲン計数管halogen counter tube :ハロゲン計数管hand-operated scale :手動ばかりhardness tester :かたさ試験機harmonic analyzer :調波分析器health physics :保健物理heat capacity :熱容量heat flow rate :熱流heat transfer coefficient :熱伝達係数heat-conductivity type...

With 17 years between them, the fashion designer found love with Sarkozy, the half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Elle est finalement révélée au grand public lorsqu'elle rejoint la distribution de la série Nip/Tuck, crée par Ryan Murphy, qui rencontre alors un franc succès, notamment récompensée d'un Golden Globe de la meilleure série télévisée dramatique.

Scolarisée à domicile, elle est diplômée à l'âge de 15 ans.

Anna Lynne entre dans une agence de mannequins tout en passant des auditions.

Whoever wrote this headline is completely ignorant. Perhaps whoever wrote this headline (after looking in the mirror one day and saying ewww to yourself), you need to imagine 4 of your closest female friends. Now you need to realize that ONE OF THEM probably has herpes. Are you going to stop respecting her and loving her, basically thinking of her as “dirty” now? So , I’d keep my mouth shut if I were you, because those of us who are infected are SICK of hearing all the jokes, and nasty comments. the only reason i take the valtrex is to protect my partner… I am always honest, and have never had anyone turn me down or be rude to me because of it…

Instead of judging those who have herpes, we could get EDUCATED about it. the most common response i have gotten since dating after being diagnosed is “well, its not your fault, there was nothing you could have done differently, i would never leave you for something as dumb as that.” so for all you rude people out there, believe me, you can easily get it.

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