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Once in a technological blue moon, however, something comes along that just might be better than the original. Meet Hinge, the new dating app that's just launched in Sydney.Like Tinder, it imports your data from Facebook and employs the familiar swipe right for yes, left for no functionality, but it has a few key updates on the format.A wonderful evocation of the horrors of last year’s long election campaign by David Rowe in the Australian Financial Review.

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While the postal vote is a bad option, everything else is worse.

Then, Mr Turnbull said, the process was designed to disenfranchise migrants, the young, and Indigenous Australians."This postal ballot is going to push to the margins of our political society those people who are already on the margins," he said.

Then there is the likelihood of a court challenge, a long and tortuous process seemingly purpose-built to keep the distracting talking point at the top of the Government's agenda for months.

One advertisement on Craigslist read: “Are you a lovely female needing a room for a night or two . the only catch is there is one bed only.” “A friends with benefits arrangement?

” Another advertisement is more detailed: “You’ve probably figured out the arrangement already, so let’s get down to specifics.” “ME: Handsome, tall, in great shape, generous, self-employed, late 30’s,” “YOU: Young (under 21), gorgeous, adventurous, looking for free rent …

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