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I’ve often been accused of being “unsociable.” I don’t mean in the sense that I’m “criminal-minded” or out to get people or do them harm.

I mean I tend to feel awkward in social situations, and as a result, I try to avoid some interpersonal encounters.

And to see those moments beautifully framed in large format gives me an extreme satisfaction.

Do you have to mentally and physically prepare yourself to take these photographs?

I’ve discovered that my tendency to be unsociable is a form of extreme self-focus – a preoccupation with my thoughts, feelings and physical reactions.

When I talk about being unsociable, I’m referring to three traits that involve a sense of self: self-consciousness, self-preoccupation, and self-evaluation.

I know this is a mistake because I haven’t given myself enough time to “warm up.” If a party starts at 7 p.m., I’ll go at 8 p.m.

I'm so happy to hear your show has been expanded to a half-hour this season.

Was that your request Brad: I think we decided, in concert with the network, that it would benefit the show.

Free, insightful and informative chats are presented by COC Education staff and featured guest speakers, 45 minutes before every main stage COC performance.

Time/Duration: 20-minute chats, 45 minutes prior to every opera performance Tickets: No ticket necessary, free when you attend an opera. 2016/2017 Season Speakers Stephan Bonfield is Lecturer in music, science and general studies at Ambrose University where he teaches the music history core program and advanced music theory.

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