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In his search for the perfect language—and “annoyed,” he says, with Esperanto—he has created 10 languages and 30 or 40 alphabets, including one language without verbs, just for the challenge. He has developed a process to detect weapons-grade nuclear material and chemical-warfare agents in shipping containers, a project that has interested the U. Two states bar a middle schooler from taking high-school classes.He’s taking courses at the University of Nevada, Reno, in Basque, linguistics, and microbiology (because he also has a talent for science). At least 30 states allow only those in 11th and 12th grade to also enroll in college classes.There are two main reasons for this trend, experts say.One is the spread of a philosophy that favors mixed-ability grouping; the other is the lack of funds for separate gifted programs.Ironically, in many rural or small town districts, these students may see a specialist once a month if they are lucky.

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Or as Bob Davidson says, “The likely people to make the big discoveries” in the next generation.editors notes: I am revisiting this article, written in 2005, since much of the information is dated.There was also the problem with "advice" in the title.So, in 2006, the Davidsons started a public school—a public school like no other—on the University of Nevada campus.The Davidson Academy accepts only youngsters with an IQ of 145 or higher.

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