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I've been sharing my Apple ID (I'll call it A) details with my wife for many years, in order to share app purchases. Reading around a bit, perhaps we'll run into this sequence of problems: I also shared my Apple ID with my wife for app purchases, and found the transition to Family Sharing painless.

After setting up Family Sharing, my wife would set up her i Phone (in Settings Apple ID) to use her own Apple ID ("B"). What will happen to her existing apps, some of which have saved local data?

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To make work easier below is a list of five video chat apps between i Phone and Android that you ought to try.I go to my safari and it says I have viruses from adult websites, I'm guilty of that yes. Since when Safari has the ability to detect whether it's infected or not? Please attach some screenshots, then we can proceed with getting rid of any kind of malware / virus etc. Safari has nothing to do with that, that is a website with the info and it was opened by the adult website. But it then shows its checking my android in one tab and another says my i Phone has a virus. Maybe the page that tells you that you have a virus is a scam itself? The authentication process for Family Sharing works differently.Under Family Sharing, account B's credentials will be valid for purchases shared by other family members if she has been flagged as a Parent/Guardian by the Family Organizer. To download apps made by other members, open the store app that you want to download content from, and go to the purchased page.

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