A guy i39m dating take it slow dating

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So I've been seeing this really great guy for about three or four weeks and we've been on about six or seven dates.

I’d like to keep seeing this guy, but I’m afraid I’ll scare him away once I tell him that I’m a mom.

I also realize that by not telling him, I’m basically lying to him. “I’m divorced.” I was not looking for a divorced man.

Dear Mommy Problems, Back in 2010 I was on this second date with a guy. Our first date had some good conversation, ended with a solid make out, and he made sure to set up the second date the next day. I was late because that’s a piece of information about myself I’m always up front about: I will be 10 minutes late to all things. And then he stopped talking, paused one of those pauses that collapses your complete focus onto that person because what they’re about to say is going to change things. I had specifically set my online dating profile metrics so as to exclude all men who had previously been married.

I took a glamorous new profile picture and included all my likes, dislikes, and everything I’m looking for in a partner.

There’s only one thing I left out of my online dating profile: my kid.

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