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Most of the time when we are dating we don’t realize that we’re learning more about ourselves.

Unexpressed emotions are some of the keys that keep us from finding our ideal partner.

The reason is simple: it’s the irony we create about love and relationships.

Most relationship failures are related to some unresolved pain caused by someone else that you may have repressed.

It thus seems to represent an early stage of the adaptation of an Aegean script (whether LA or an unattested related script) to produce the CM writing system(s), including some inherited signs which may have been dropped or changed beyond recognition in later CM, but also already some newly-created Cypriot signs.

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One hundred and fifty-seven females and eighty-six males were assigned to either a High, Moderate, or Low Life satisfaction group and additional instruments were administered to assess the manner of decision making, the extent of role demands and time pressures, and the respondents' satisfaction with school performance and their dating and family relationships.Kanda Shokai also marketed a few original designs in the late 60s including the Greco Semi-hollow "Shrike" guitars which were imported and marketed first by Goya and later by Kustom.The "Shrike" model was unusual in that it had a pair of unusual "L" shaped pickups, with the corner of the "L" pointing towards the headstock on the neck pickup and towards the bridge on the bridge pickup These "boomerang" pickups predate the Gibson Flying V2 "Boomerang" shaped pickups by over 10 years.However, most of us don’t deal with the source of what caused the pain in past failed relationships which sometimes creates patterns and cycles.Here are a few of the top unexpressed emotions that delay our happiness.

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